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[ The Wisconsin Restaurant Association ]

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association is a primary resource of the restaurant industry and as such required an operative site that meets the needs of all users. Graydient delivered a site with a robust dining guide feature and navigational structure that makes it easy to access information quickly and efficiently. 

Bringing the Tools for Success to Visitors

[ Objectives ]

Branding & Print | Web Design & Development 

Consolidate Existing Content Into Easy-To-Follow Navigation

Appeal To Their Different Target Audiences: Restaurant Employees, Diners, and Suppliers

Scrolling Through Wisconsin Restaurant Website Gif Scrolling Through Wisconsin Restaurant Website GIF

[ Discovery Findings ]

The content team scraped WRA’s existing site using a tool called Screaming Frog in order to locate the many pages to assist with redirects, sitemap creation, and to determine which content we could keep, which needed revisions, and which could be left behind. There were many PDF’s and landing pages so the content team had to be very strategic in determining the navigation so users could find what they needed in only a few clicks.

[ Design & Development ]

The design team created two versions of branding within the mockups, a bright and lively more energetic take on their existing branding, tying in some colors from the food expo brand to tie them together, and a more edgy artistic take on the traditional colors. The WRA team loved the lively and energetic design and the team moved onto development. We developed the site on a content management system called Sitefinity, which was very user friendly and we would recommend! The development team created a complex dining guide feature that helps users to navigate and search quickly without sacrificing any data.

"Graydient delivered a site with a robust dining guide feature and navigational structure that makes it easy to access information quickly and easily."

[ Implementation & Launch ]

Our team used Google docs and GatherContent to note any bugs for the rounds of revisions during the testing phase of the launch process. The development team worked along side the design team to ensure the Dining Guide was styled appropriately and also was functioning as intended. After launch, the team walked through the post launch checklist to make sure nothing fell through the cracks.

Midwest Foodservice Expo Site On A Laptop

Midwest Foodservice Expo Site

Content Team Building The Site

Content Build

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Site On Tablet

Tablet View

WRA Website After Redesign

WRA Website After Redesign

WRA Site On A Mobile Device

Mobile View

Designing WRA Moodboards Birdseye View

WRA Moodboards Birdseye View


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