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Freshen Up Your Restaurant With Digital Signage

Grassroots Digital Signage

[ Grassroots Salad Company ]

Grassroots Salad Company provides healthy and delicious salads for people on the go. Grassroots approached Graydient because they were planning to open up a location downtown Milwaukee and wanted to leave a lasting impression on their customers with an eye-catching digital sign in their restaurant.

Innovative Signage for Grassroots Marketing

[ Objectives ]

Digital Signage Solutions | Creative & Branding Solutions

Show Their Deals In An Innovative Way

Stay ‘On Brand’ While Being Cutting Edge

[ Discovery Findings ]

Grassroots Salad company originally approached the Graydient team wanting to explore the digital marketing space in the competitive downtown Milwaukee market. While we would have loved to partner with them to do some digital advertising, our team suggested they approach opening their location in a different way and focus instead on word of mouth and truly grass roots marketing for the official opening. After getting their feet wet in the area, they decided they still wanted a little something to make their restaurant stand out in the digital world.

[ Design & Development ]

Our design team created mockups for their team for a digital restaurant sign that could be set up at their newly launched location in Milwaukee. The mockups went through a few rounds of revisions before the Grassroots team was satisfied with the product. Our front-end development team used Bright Signs to create the digital signage solutions for Grass Roots.

"Our team suggested they approach opening their location in a different way and focus instead on word of mouth and truly grass roots marketing."

[ Implementation & Launch ]

The development team handled all of the A/V efforts so the Grassroots team could instead focus on running their business. We would love to say launch went smooth, but let’s be real – does it ever?!

With the team still only beginning to learn BrightSign and deploys to the BrightSign network, combined with networking issues within the locale, launch was a little rocky, but ultimately led to a very successful finished product!

Grassroots Digital Signage

Grassroots Digital Signage

Rabbits at Work

Graydient Team

Reviewing Grassroots Mockup Designs

Reviewing Grassroots Mockup Designs

Grassroots Signage On A Laptop

Grassroots Signage On A Laptop

Design Team Collaborating

Design Team Collaboration

Digital Signage Code Testing

Testing Phase

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