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Vinyls in the Wisconsin Center District Office Spaces

09.27.19 | Project Feature: Wisconsin Center District

Did you know Graydient also designs large format vinyl graphics? When the Wisconsin Center District wanted creative vinyl for their employee spaces that embodied the company mission in a unique way, our team was able to create vinyl graphics that are both functional and stunning.

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10.25.19 | Monday Morning Initiatives
We’ve mentioned that we LOVE a fun start to Monday – doesn’t everyone? Our team has recently switched things up by asking individuals to takeover our Monday-morning meetings by presenting something about themselves, whether it is a project they are working on or a personal hobby. By sharing our passions with the team, we can connect as a group while finding space to enjoy what we love! What small step can you take to switch up and inspire your team this Monday, you ask? We’ve got some tips!
Tips to Improve Mondays
10.25.19 | Take a Break From Your Devices
While mobile activity is on the rise due to colder weather and holiday shopping, give yourself a break and enjoy your surroundings. By taking a break from online shopping, mindless browsing, and your 25 tabs, you can tune in to your own feelings and needs, then get back to work at full-force!
Take A Break
10.25.19 | Don't Worry – Devices Can be Good, Too!
When you do use your device, make it a mindful moment. There are a number of great meditations that you can do throughout the day to calm yourself and find some balance when you are feeling stressed – all from your desk! Check out some of our favorites, and take a mindfulness break today.
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09.27.19 | Get Creative!

Thinking about the holiday season might feel like more than you can handle, but by making it an opportunity to get creative with your messaging and design you can test some new content as you draw in new clients!

Holiday Campaigns
09.03.19 | Get A Head Start
From planning your social, website and ad content in advance, to discussing advertising budgets and content approach with your team, the earlier these things happen, the better your campaigns will perform. Accomplishing these tasks helps to get you ahead, so come the “Cyber 5” (the popular shopping days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday) you and your clients are prepared for success.
Tips to Prepare
08.05.19 | Project Launch: Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

When the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music wanted a streamlined site that was not only visually appealing, but showcased their various course offerings and seasonal events, our team was ready to create the noteworthy site they deserved.

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08.30.19 | Small Additions Go A Long Way
When you, your team and your budget seem stretched too thin, you can still find small ways to make updates to your site that show that you are thinking about your clients - and your company! See how other brands created bold & creative splash screens to set their site apart.
Splash Screens
08.30.19 | Maintain Your Content
While it may be tempting to wait until you’re paying for a website redesign to refresh your content, remember that maintaining content is important. Taking small steps, like repurposing old content or making small website updates more often, can have more impactful results.
Ways to Improve
07.19.19 | Our Feature: Saint Kate Museum App
Saint Kate: The Arts Hotel is the most unique hotel in Milwaukee, featuring curated art throughout the hotel. When they needed a one-of-a-kind app that guided visitors through the works while allowing for a personalized experience, Graydient built an app that does all this and more. Easy-to-navigate audio clips describing the history of the works allow you to pick and choose as you explore the hotel.
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07.19.19 | Geo-targeting For Success
Geo-targeting helps draw users to your brand by honing in on their location. When paired with a targeted approach to audience interests, you have an easy-to-implement strategy that can work across many platforms and can cost little to no money.
How to Use
07.19.19 | In-The-Moment Content That Sells
While we all know that our online world is fast-paced, creating real-time content is important when establishing your brand and user expectations. Simply getting a snap shot of your snazzy break room or getting a video of your team hard at work for your Instagram feed builds the bridge between you and your audience.
Why It Matters
06.20.19 | Project Launch: ChopHouse Milwaukee

Chophouse Milwaukee just launched their new website! With clean design elements and easy-to-navigate layouts, their new site is perfect for showcasing their delicious steak and seafood options. But don't just take our word for it - see for yourself! 

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06.17.19 | Unique Transitions For Any Site
Make sure your site stands out as visitors take a break from the heat and explore what you have to offer. User-friendly and impressive, this transition we love gave a fresh face to a content-rich website. Get inspired and see what you can do to freshen up your website!
More Transitions
06.17.19 | Project Launch: Eagle Harbor Inn
When Eagle Harbor wanted to update their website so it depicted all the area has to offer, we made sure it did that and more. The site uses not only clean design elements that bring out the natural beauty of the vacation spot, but was created with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. 
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06.17.19 | Stand Out As An Intern
Nowadays internships are a far cry from coffee runs and making copies. Managers and team leads are often looking for someone to step in and take action, so make sure you create memorable work by gaining the skills necessary for success. 
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05.10.19 | Refresh Your Digital Accommodations
With seasonal travel on the rise, don't let your hospitality site fall to the wayside; accommodations imagery and layout is a make-or-break moment for a user. Check out how this brand incorporated their rooms & suites in a unique way! 
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05.10.19 | Project Launch: An Inspiring New Restaurant
We know the importance of a clean design that speaks to the brand while drawing visitors in. From stunning web-friendly imagery to fun and unique textures to fit this inspiring brand, The Audrey Kitchen + Bar's website turned out beautifully! 
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04.12.19 | Social Integrations We LOVE
We know that social media should be integrated at every level of a marketing campaign, and getting creative with where and how you integrate social media is important. Check out some of our favorite social integrations!
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03.21.19 | Clear Your Headspace
Sharing your perspective is a great way to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that are holding you back. Read on to learn why you shouldn't be scared to share your thoughts and ideas.
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03.20.19 | Google Announces the Sunset of Average Position
Google is sunsetting their search metric, Average Position, in September of this year. So what does this mean for ads, and what is google doing next? 
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02.14.19 | Don’t Forget To Test
Measure is a web app that lets you review a page’s high level performance and get detailed guidance on how to improve it.
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01.17.19 | Mission: Digital Enhancement, Accomplished!
Did you know that SafeHouse Chicago just launched their redesigned website? With a simplified navigation and an emphasis on showing off the unique space, we give it a 007/007. 
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01.17.19 | Presenting Data In A Useful Way

When you design a user interface with these subtle tricks in mind, the end result is a clean and purposeful user experience.

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01.17.19 | Engaging Interview Experience
Ueno designed a fully interactive online interview experience - a fun and unique way for a brand to show off their voice & tone through gamification.
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