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Guests at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa were having a difficult time navigating the numerous buildings, programs, and activities across the 1,300-acre campus. The resort provided a complimentary trolley transportation system that helped visitors traverse the property, but guests were growing increasingly irritated with wait times and missed pick-ups. That’s when Grand Geneva reached out to us to alleviate the frustration with a mobile application that would help guests get from point A to point B efficiently.

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It was our mission to decrease the amount of time guests spent standing around waiting for a trolley to show up. To accomplish this, we developed a GPS-enabled mobile app that provides a real-time view of each trolley’s location and allows users the option to request a ride on their Android or iOS device. We also implemented backend features that would assist the Grand Geneva staff while ensuring that operations are running smoothly. The Advanced Dispatcher feature allows front desk staff to manage requests and confirm that all Trolley Tracker users are being picked up and dropped off in a timely manner. Additionally, we incorporated advanced data tracking for all trolley operations, allowing staff to review periodic reports and evaluate potential opportunities for improvement.

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In the first five months of release, the Grand Geneva Trolley Tracker App has been downloaded nearly 1,300 times. Users have requested more than 3,500 rides, or approximately 3 requests per download, and navigating the resort has become much more efficient and a lot less stressful. Grand Geneva guests no longer have to wait around for a ride, they can simply make a request with a few taps.

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