Graydient Marcus Theatres Case Study

Gets Renovated


Increase in Mobile Traffic


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in New Users


As the fourth largest cinema circuit in the United States, Marcus Theatres was looking to completely renovate their website. The previous site wasn’t holding up to the evolving demands of the technological landscape and, as a result, various web essentials were increasingly difficult to manage, the user experience was suffering, and the brand was missing out on mobile traffic.

Marcus Theatres Website (Pre-Redesign)


With delicious buttery popcorn in hand, we aimed to design and develop a fully responsive website that streamlined the customer journey and simplified content management. To ensure each user was getting the most out of their experience no matter where they were, we began with a fully responsive design that offered contemporary functionality. Next, we set out to develop a search function that isolates the exact information a user is looking for. Lastly, we built a custom content management system (CMS) that can handle the complex needs of the industry all while ensuring it’s easy to update.

Marcus Theatres Search Function


In the year since we’ve made improvements, has seen exceptional results. Mobile usage skyrocketed by 25.3 percent, overall sessions saw a 15.8 percent increase, and organic search traffic is up by a whopping 11.3 percent! This state-of-the-art site has had an enormous impact on the overall customer satisfaction as well, as bounce rates are well below the industry average at a marginal 4.3 percent.

Marcus Theatres Redesigned on Mobile

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